Assess and reduce your employee-related security vulnerability

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Stop phishing attacks

Phishing is the number one cause of data breaches. Today, your users are exposed to a huge variety of advanced phishing attacks with one in every 131 emails containing malware. Email filters and anti-virus detection are unable to keep up with the volume of attacks so users have become the final line of defence. Do your users know how to spot a suspicious email and how they should act as a result?

Purplephish offers automated phishing simulations combined with user awareness training. This provides your users with the skills they need to start identifying phishing attacks and securing your data.

Stop spear phishing

With huge amounts of personal data available online it is now easier than ever for criminals to harvest information and target an individual with a crafted spear phishing attack. As these attacks are unique and tailored to individuals, they are much harder to detect and much more likely to be successful. 

By facilitating the creation and dissemination of targeted spear phishing simulations, Purplephish can help users identify the techniques used by cyber criminals whilst providing dynamic feedback to allow users to improve their security skills.

Stop ransomware

97% of ransomware attacks are delivered via email, meaning organisations are just one click away from having their data and systems encrypted. With huge profits to be made, criminals are continually evolving ransomware attacks to evade detection by anti-virus products, leaving your users as your best and possibly only line of defence.

With Purplephish, your users will benefit from training based on extensive research of real world ransomware threats, Using realistic simulations and practical lessons, users will be able to stop ransomware attacks before they begin.

Stop social engineering

Purplephish understands that cyber security extends beyond the company inbox and offer training that will educate users on the very latest covert tactics used by criminals, ensuring that you are protected from the latest attacks.

Achieve compliance

Security training is now a compulsory part of the compliance mandates relevant to many industries. PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and ISO 27001 all require employees to be part of a security awareness training program. With GDPR and other regulations on the horizon, the financial consequences of not having security-trained users are increasingly severe.

The one-off training provided by many organisations is no longer sufficient to maintain a secure and compliant environment, leaving your business exposed to risk. Purplephish can help by offering a continuous cyber security training program that not only allows you to achieve compliance but to improve your organisations security posture and reduce the risk of fines for data breaches.