Infographic: Reducing risk with security awareness training

Over a third of organisations now see unaware employees as their biggest security vulnerability. Security awareness training is a critical mitigation strategy but how can this be delivered to ensure users remember the teachings and use them to protect your organisation in a real-world attack?

Check out this insightful infographic for the latest stats explaining why security awareness training must be an organisational priority and how it must be delivered to be effective.

Purplephish Datasheet

Discover how Purplephish is helping organisations empower employees to prevent cyber attacks with automated security awareness training and phishing simulations.

Learn how you can effortlessly enroll all employees in an ongoing education program, encompassing tried-and-tested methods proven to ensure key security knowledge is forefront of mind should users face real-world malicious activity.

Article: 3 big reasons why annual security awareness training is not enough

Given that 49% of organisations have faced critical security consequences as a result of employee errors, the need for security awareness training for all employees is undeniable, but how frequently must this be delivered to impactfully reduce threats?

This short article outlines why, in order to mitigate against cyber attacks, training must be delivered significantly more frequently than on an annual basis.

Whitepaper: 5 security awareness topics your users need to know about…now!

Regulators and analysts from the UK government’s NCSC to ISO and Gartner are lining up to endorse the need for regular, measurable security awareness training but, given the vast and sophisticated threats facing your organisation today, it’s often tricky to know which topics to prioritise.

This whitepaper uses the latest intelligence from the security industry to outline the 5 topics on which you must most urgently provide your employees with training.

Article: Security awareness training – what the regulators say

Security awareness training is essential to achieve compliance with the vast majority of external mandates and recommended by many industry analysts: but what are the specifics of these requirements?

Download this article to understand how each regulator spells out the need for regular, comprehensive and measurable training and get recommendations on how this can be achieved quickly and simply within your organisation.

Whitepaper: Think before you click – Dr Daniel G. Dresner

As Academic Coordinator for Cyber Security at the University of Manchester and Director and Co-founder of The IASME Consortium, Dr. Daniel G. Dresner is amongst the UK’s leading authorities on employee-related security vulnerabilities.

Check out this whitepaper to get a security expert’s view of the importance of effective end-user training in combating cyber attacks.