Security awareness training and phishing simulations in one smart, simple solution.

Measurably reduce your susceptibility to today’s most sophisticated cyber attacks by empowering users to identify and mitigate malicious activity.

Test your employees’ susceptibility to today’s threats

Simply launch automated real world attack simulations to test your users’ resilience to the latest threats. Cyber criminals don’t stand still; gain access to a varied library of evolving phishing and spear phishing attacks so you’re always one step ahead

Discover where you are most vulnerable

Get actionable intelligence on your organisation’s susceptibility to attack with an industry-leading analytics suite. Pinpoint and target the areas of your business most at risk from malicious activity and track your progress in real time

Create security-savvy employees through interactive training modules

Deliver comprehensive security training via engaging educational videos to ensure that your employees understand how and why attacks happen. Interactive follow up activities ensure your users’ newly acquired knowledge is retained and recalled should a real-life attack occur

Compare your risk profile with your peers

By calibrating your results against global and industry averages you can understand how your users’ security awareness stacks up. This allows you to effectively monitor progress and identify any areas where additional training may be required