Revolutionising your security culture with measurable, impactful security awareness solutions.

49% of organisations have now experienced critical security consequences due to human error, with the average cost of an employee-attributed data breach hitting a huge £2.8m.

With extensive experience in enterprise security, Purplephish has seen first-hand how easily an otherwise extensive, defense-in-depth strategy can be fatally undermined by ignoring the human factor: you can invest in the world’s most advanced security solutions but, if your employees are unable to identify and mitigate threats, you are only one click away from a costly data breach. 

Purplephish was created to make security awareness simple for organisations.  Without the administrative headache, our customers deliver automated, ongoing security awareness training and phishing simulations.  In just a few clicks, you too could enroll all employees in an ongoing education program, encompassing tried-and-tested methods proven to ensure attack-busting security knowledge is forefront of mind should users face a real-world threat.