Empower employees to prevent cyber attacks

Security awareness training and real world phishing attack simulation

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Educate your employees and mitigate the risk of cyber attack

successful cyber attacks involve phishing.

organisations face critical security vulnerabilities due to employee errors.

malware is delivered via email to users.

increase in web-borne attacks last year.

Assess and reduce your employee-related security vulnerability

Test employees’ susceptibility to today’s threats

By launching simulated phishing attacks, users will experience first-hand how phishing attacks work and learn how to identify them in the future

Discover where you are most vulnerable

Track user performance via industry-leading analytics, allowing you to identify where additional security awareness training may be required

Create security-savvy employees through interactive video training modules

Use interactive follow up activities to ensure recall in the event of a real-life phishing attack

Compare your risk profile with your peers

By calibrating your results against global and industry averages you can understand how your users’ cyber security awareness stacks up


Take control of your employees’ security behaviour

Deliver comprehensive and auditable cyber security training, proven to enhance your users’ awareness of cyber threats and prevent breaches.

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